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    We help students ace the TOEFL exam and get the score they want.

    TOEFL Essay Writing Bootcamp

    Live Bootcamp in NYC for students preparing to take the TOEFL.

    The two writing tasks on the TOEFL exam can be the most challenging part of the exam for many students. This specialized class gives students the focused practice and feedback they need to get a higher writing score.

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    New English Vocabulary for TOEFL

    Coming Soon

    A class to help students preparing for the TOEFL learn and use new English vocabulary to get a higher writing and speaking score.

    TOEFL Speaking Section Conversation

    Coming Soon

    A class to help students preparing for the TOEFL to get a high score on the TOEFL Speaking Section.

  • TOEFL Writing Bootcamp

    Live Bootcamp in NYC for students who want to take the TOEFL Writing Section.

    10 hours of class time

    Student-oriented class time

    12 essays

    Complete 12 realistic TOEFL essays in 2 sessions

    7 Integrated TOEFL Essays

    Get personalized feedback on your authentic essay questions

    5 Independent TOEFL Essays

    Learn amazing strategies to ace this TOEFL writing task

    6 hours of online practice

    Get graded essay feedback during the time between sessions

    50 Vocabulary Words

    Learn new words to use on your TOEFL Essays

    CELTA Certified Instructor

    Your instructor is a certified English language teacher for adults by Cambridge University

    8 Years Experience in Exam Prep

    Your instructor has been a exam prep tutor for over 8 years

  • TOEFL Writing Bootcamp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Will I Learn in This Bootcamp?

    The Writing for TOEFL Bootcamp will cover topics in:

    • effective essay writing for the TOEFL
    • 50 words of vocabulary to boost your score
    • the most important grammar points for the TOEFL writing tasks, and
    • the best test strategies for the TOEFL writing section.

    Each student will write 5 independent essays and 7 integrated essays by the end of of the bootcamp and will get feedback on how to make their TOEFL writing better and get a higher score.

    When Is This Bootcamp?

    The next Writing for TOEFL Bootcamp takes place on:

    • Session One | Sunday, November   8, 2015 | from 11:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM eastern; and
    • Session Two | Sunday, November 15, 2015 | from 11:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM eastern.

    Students should only sign up if they are available to attend both in-class sessions.

    How Long Is This Bootcamp?

    2 Live In-Class Sessions | 1 Week Apart

    8 Hours of Instruction | 6 Hours of Online Activities and Practice


    The Writing for TOEFL Bootcamp takes place over two different sessions which are one week apart. Each session is 5 hours long, so both sessions are a total of 10 hours. Each session has 1 hour of break time, so there are 8 hours for instruction and task completion and 2 hours of break time.


    In addition to the two live in-class sessions, students will also complete approximately 6 hours of writing activities online. Students have the opportunity to complete these 6 hours at any time which is convenient for them, but the course comes with 6 scheduled hours when the course instructor will be available online to chat and help students with their writing assignments so students can also participate in the online portion live if they would like.

    Who Should Take This Bootcamp?

    This bootcamp is especially designed for students who have already attained a B2 level of English proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and who plan to take the TOEFL exam in the next 2 to 6 months. These students will be able practice their TOEFL essay writing skills while getting personalized feedback on their writing skills. Also, students who get bored easily in long classes where they instructor does most of the talking.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    The Writing for TOEFL Bootcamp is available to students for a total of $299.00. Students who register by November 1 can qualify for a special price of $199.00.

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